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Learn – Create – Perform

The Brartist Collection offers a rich array of exhibition-related items, including catalogs and fine art paints, beads, drawings, sculptures, clothes as well as many  Cultural merchandise. Brartist Collection carries beautifully hand crafted jewelry, home goods, apparel, and objets d’art, much of which is locally made in East Africa where we have over 200 available works by 20 artists.

Bratist Collection is strongly supported by innovation and technology investment. Sales are also driven through online channel and the works are promoted globally both in Social Media and expert circuits worldwide.


Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Brartist’s trainings, encourage learning and exchange between artists from different backgrounds without limitation of culture, gender or age. 

Trainings provided in the skills of carving,painting,sewing, drawing and as well as making hand made materials such as beads, clothes, belts and necklaces. The courses we offer, we do it with the purpose to offer foreigners and locals a brighter look of culture diversity.

The prices are listed below with all materials included in the price.

The piece of art you create, is all yours !

Not only will you learn a new skill, you will have an incredible experience with locals who share passion for their field of work.

Courses that Brartist offers:
1. Art in carving skills, $150 for two weeks ,for one month, $350
2. Beads sewing two weeks $80,for one month $200
3. Painting classes for one month $250