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    Welcome Maasai Market

    Welcome Maasai Market Arusha Tanzania where our curio shop is located.Maasai market is located close to Arusha clock tower, this is the only place you will find different crafts items at one place also you will get to experience culture diversity among many visitors and locals from Tanzania. At Maasai market you will be able to buy different African antiques, paintings, sculptures, beads, clothes and many more. Karibu sana!

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    Arts and Artisan

    Brartist founded and operated by the Ibrahim Mandoto, our gallery locations in Arusha represent the wide-ranging works of over 300 crafts and 50 designers. Our professional gallery staff maintains a high level of knowledge about all of the items we carry, and about the artistic techniques employed. We can provide information about each artist’s vision and creative methods for any purchase.